Kwijibo help?

Hey there,

After learning Buddha’s Revenge and most of the other tricks in Adv part 1, i decided to start on Kwijibo. Its a prety fun trick to learn so far, and i have the first pop and the rolling over sorted. So in terms of Andre’s videos, ive done part 1.

However, upon moving onto part 2, on the bit where you pop into a double or nothing, i just cant seem to get the momentum upwards to be able to bet my finger under there.

I’m not sure what it is, but i just cant seem to pop upwards enough. Any tips guys?

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

If you can do Buddhas revenge, then you can do the 1.5 mount. Do a 1.5 mount and then cross your hands with your throw under your nonthrowhand. This is the position before the 2nd pop in kwijibo. Let it hang. The pop comes from spreading your hands. As you spread your nonthrowhand away from your throwhand, it hits the string after the YoYo has popped up. That same string you just hit with your nonthrow index finger is the same one that you catch it on. You do not have to turn the roll directly into the pop. Using the momentum makes it look smooth, but not mandatory.

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Ahhh yeah that is quite helpful. Thanks for the tip for getting into it quickly though thats really helpful, speeds up practicing now i dont have to land that first mount.

Ill try it out and tell you how it goes :slight_smile:

Someone I know had the same problems today… In fact, I’ll tell him about this so he doesn’t have to start another thread. :smiley:

Its me andy.

Well after a few more hours of practicing, i finally landed it :slight_smile: Just getting myself consistent now.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I find the 2nd pop MUCH easier than the 1st one, once you get it, you’ll have it for good

what’s cool about this 2nd pop is that you can just do it after a 1&1/2 mount in a combo

I’m glad it worked out!

Personally, I also find the 1st pop to be the tougher one (probably because I don’t incorporate it into combos nearly as much as I do the 2nd pop).

With a good 2nd pop kwijibo skill, you will be much more prepared for the 2nd tough pop in spirit bomb and also for black hops. I would suggest you start practicing a double or nothing version of black hops (the full version uses a triple or nothing) and then work your way up to a triple or nothing version. It might be encouraging to jump ahead a bit in the “difficulty” settings :slight_smile:

Haha. It’s a small world…

I don’t do black hops but I got the pops to incorporate in combos, specially the 1st one (wich is the most versatile IMO)

Yeah thanks you guys :slight_smile: I’ll check out black hops and maybe start learninng it this week :slight_smile:

As it happens, i’ve also been starting to work on the wrist mount for spirit bomb, so once i get that down ill try and learn the rest of the trick.

Thanks again for your help folks :slight_smile:

I’m trying to learn this trick (Kwijibo), I managed to land it a couple of times, but I keep failing to get into the double or nothing after the 2nd pop…
My yoyo insists on landing on the wrong string/strings, after the pop.
Any advice on what to focus on in order to get it right?
I can’t understand if it’s how I wrap the string around my fingers, or if I should pay more attention on how I pull the yoyo up for the second pop… ::slight_smile:

i had the same problem and i resolved it in these two steps

  1. Watch this video, and look carefully what string he hits with the index finger of the freehand, watch the video not only one time but many times. You will understand the mechanism of Kwijibo
  1. Launch the first part of Kwijibo  (trapeze, hop and cross hands), then ask a friend to position in front of you and stop the yoyo. Then he has to pull the yoyo up slowly like it was you to make it jump, then repeat the moves that you have seen in the video. You will immediately understand which string you have to hit and you will close the trick.

Have fun and good luck :slight_smile:

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I had a lot of trouble with the second pop also but I finally found the trick to it! After the first pop and you roll it over turn your non throw hand over so your knuckles are facing the yoyo, then when you pop it up and uncross your hands it causes the string to slide to your wrist making it easier to hit the right string. Then you can slide the string off your wrist back to your finger.

Extremely helpful video, Jekko, thanks (or grazie ;D)!
I got a most useful hint from it, I was doing my first trapeze as I always do, catching the string with my NTH about halfway up my index finger, whereas in the video he catches the string all the way up his index finger.
This helps keeping the two strings apart when doing the second pop, and makes it easier to get the yoyo on the right one…

Badd2bone, will try your suggestion as well, thx.


I think an admin should sticky a kwijibo thread…  :stuck_out_tongue:

I found that it helps a lot when just starting to learn the trick if you get into a double or nothing, and then Matrix roll out. When you get to the trapeze stage of the Matrix, you pop it up, and you should have enough momentum off of the roll to get a really high pop. This helps when you need to practice the motion of crossing your arms and landing properly (something that took me a while to get). Eventually, the cross and land should be second nature, and you can get the mount right off of a basic trapeze.