I am trying to learn Kwijibo and i cant do the second pop. Please help me.

When I was doing it I just used to throw into a 1.5 and cross into the position before that pop and practiced over and over and over again. Eventually I got it.

Are you missing the strings altogether or landing on the wrong strings? If you’ve landing on the wrong string, I find it helps to hook them out of the way using your non-throwhand thumb. Hope that helps.


I don’t know how the second pop makes double or nothing

Hmm… try this: When you roll over into the 1.5 mount, before you go to the next step and cross your hands, stick your non-throwhand thumb up and keep it that way and keep your pointer finger extended, to keep the string from slipping off. Also note that the string loops around your thumb and pointer. It will stay like that. Then, cross your hands, here comes the second pop. As you pop the yo-yo up, you will cross your hands, remember to keep your thumb and pointer like I mentioned. ALSO, as you cross your hands, the pointer finger on your throwhand should tilt upward so that the loop around it does not come off. The main focus now is catching the yo-yo on the string. Direct your finger under the yo-yo to land the mini trapeze, resulting in a Double or Nothing. :slight_smile: Hope this helps you to get it down. Then it will become more fluid with practice. Just keep practicing. You will get it, I promise. :wink:

For a long time I had probs with the 2nd pop too, what I eventually worked out was that I was actually moving the wrong hand to intercept the string…once I started learning black hops it kinda clicked with me that I was doing this and now I can land kwijibo easily :slight_smile:

Try learning the pop section of black hops…it may help…

This might help. Slow motion makes everything easier to understand ;D

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I’ll try…

instead of landing in double or nothing, it lands on the second part of iron whip(right after the trapeze)

Now I think I know how to make double or nothing, but I can’t land on the first string