Kwijibo problems

Someone plz help i am an intermediate to advanced player. i am trying to learn kwijibo and i’m stuck on the part where you pop it up and land in double or nothing. i have watched the tut so many times, but i dont know what i’m doing wrong. i keep landing in something sort of between a trapeze and double or nothing. PLZ HELP!

Can you pop it OK, but not land it in the double or nothing? If that is the case, make sure your pointer finger hits the string that you are popping into the air and land it on that string. This took practice for me when i learned it, but eventually you will get it down smoothly.

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thanks that helped but im still workin on it

and ya i got the pop im just havin trouble landing it

The important part is when you pop it up, you have to cross your finger into the string. Mainly, it takes a lot of practice.

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when you pop it, be relaxed, but pop it high enough, and dont get sloppy…

What helped me on this trick was making sure the string was all the way back on my none throw hand so when I pop it there is plenty of room to grab the other string with my none throw hand pointer finger. Also try and go close to the yoyo with your finger to make sure the yoyo lands on the right string.

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