Help with Kwijibo?

Right now I can do every trick in advanced part 1 accept Kwijibo. I think that’s how you spell it. I can do all of it accept the duble or nothing part. When I shoot it off the string it just lands into the second part of rewind. I cross my throwhand finger. What might i be doing wrong? Any tips?

I am learning it right now, I have landed it about 4 times, and am trying over and over, right now I just need practice. That same thing happened to me. A few tips that I have are: 1. Launch the yoyo HIGH. 2. Watch the yoyo, your hand should move to the right place if you have practiced the movement. 3. Make sure when you hit the string with your hand you are hitting it directly below the yoyo. I had someone grab the yoyo when i was ready to pop it up the second time, and they lifted it up, and I uncrossed my hands and I hit the string and it went into a double or nothing. I only did this once you might want to do it more times than that. One other thing, you should go up to the bar with tricks and forum sections, and go over it with your mouse, and hit search forums, and then type in kwijibo, (They spell it wrong here so you might want to try kwyjibo <<< that’s how you really spell it) and look at all the other ones, there are A LOT. This is a hard trick and takes PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. ;D

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The one thing the made me land it after a week of trying was something i noticed when watching andres video.

A really good thing to practice with this is. When youre in the second arms cross position, and you attempt to pop the yoyo up for the second time, instead of pulling both strings apart, tug on the loop around your right pointer finger (on the left side in this case).

So when youre in the position, give that loop a gentle tug and this should get the yoyo up in the air where it needs to be. From here, simply cross your hands back over.

What you need to make sure of is that you get the yoyo above both hands when its poped. The allows you to bring your left pointer finger (on the right side) over your right hand and INTO the string directly attached to the yoyo. So as it flies up, push your finger into the string the yoyo is on, and with a bit of luck it will land back on that string the other side of your finger and youll be in the double or nothing :slight_smile:

Remember, even when you end up in something even slightly reminicant of a double or nothing, even if you havent actually landed it, youre definitly on the right track, and all you need is practice :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Look. These Kwijibo threads. Just look back into the old Kwijibo threads.

There are hundreds more, just go search Kwijibo in the search button in YYE forums. Yeah, Kwijibo is hard.Practice

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do an eli hop and under cut it while crossing your hands

i can hit the double or nothing after the cross just fine, but does anyone have any tips on how to got from double or nothing to the trapeze?

Personally i just drop the furthest string from me on my throwhand pointer finger. Drop that into the gap of the yoyo, then roll the yoyo over your nonthrowhand finger anti-clockwise. Same as in matrix.

I went through the steps to understand what you meant. I think your problem is simply that you’re not getting both strings on your nonthrow index finger.

Just toss the yoyo up and let the string farthest from you slide off your non-throw index, then catch it like you’re doing an eli hop.