Ok whenever i try to do the 2nd pop on the trick kwijibo i always land it in a man on the flying trapeze and his brother mount with an extra rap aroound my index(when i actually land it :smiley: ) for some reason? What am i doing wrong?

I had this problem too when I was learning Kwyjibo. I hate to say it, but you just need to practice, practice, practice until you get the movement right. That said, one thing that helped me (contrary to popular opinion that the second pop should be low) was to pop the yoyo up fairly high. I found that this gave me enough time to uncross my arms and position my hands correctly.

Well i have time to uncross my hands but is ther more that i have to do? I mean if i keep practicing wont i just be practicing the wrong thing? I dont see how practice will fix this mistake

I’d have to see a video.

Definitely for both pops, creating tension on the target string will help. I never think, “pop into the air and land on string X”, I always think, “Pop in the air, and the action of crossing and creating tension will bring the yoyo to the correct string”.

Spacing string apart also helps, though I’m in a bad scenario in which after the 2nd pop, my non-throw-hand wrap is around my wrist or back of my hand instead of my index finger. Which is suboptimal for transitioning into another trick.

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Heres an awesome vid for the trick. may give you different views as to wwhat is being done wrong

After doing a little practice I think I have some advice for you. First off

This is absolutely right. POP IT HIGH! If I had to guess what you need to adjust I would say put the yoyo a little bit more in the front direction. I duplicated your mistake, and I would say the only way I got the yoyo to land in the middle was to put it to close in my direction. Hopefully this makes sense.

That sounds like advice for Spirit Bomb. :wink: In Kwyjibo, there’s no particular part that requires landing in the middle of anything.

No NO NO NO! I’m not advising him to land it in the middle. I’ve actually never landed the yoyo in the center when doing kwijibo. I just missed a lot. So I did a center landing to see what it takes to make that mistake. Thus I found the mistake then figured out what he needed to do.

D’oh! My reading comprehension was not there on this one. All my fault! Good advice, good advice.

Read this^
Saw this/

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Soi read someof ur tips and watched the tutorial and realized when u do the 2nd hop and move ur left hand over the left index is supposed to push thestringcoming up and thats what lands into doubleor nothing… I didnt know that so i was making the same mistakeover and over… But i still cant land it… I normally miss the string coming up wheni uncross myhands so theres and extra rap ofbstring around myleft index with my yoo hanging from that and stuff related to that… If im lucky enough i land on all three strings but ijust cant ge it into double or nothing… Ive practiced it about 2 hours straight today after school and im getting so annoyed and mad i just want to rip thestring apart and hrow the yoo at he wall…

Remember to keep your strings spaced. If all your strings are wrapped around the same finger joint you’ll never land it. If you can arrange it so that the first lap of string is below where yo-yo is connected to your throw hand, then you should be able to line up you double or nothing catch between your upper and lower joint of your index finger. Also make that catch kinda close to the yoyo. Pop it high, and let finger go a fair distance to the yoyo. I think we have all had some frustration with this trick. It’s hard the first time your learning it, but you’ll get it.

Ive been doing my best but its pretty hard to space out the strings with so little time as the yoyo is coming back down :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather than trying to space them when the yoyo is in the air, when you do your first trapeze have the string at the base of your finger. It’ll help to keep the strings separated.

Yah your first couple of times don’t need to be competition fast. Space the strings after your first landing. Then do the pop.