Kwijibo help

Hey guys could I get some tips on landing the yoyo on the string after popping it up. The first one isn’t really a prOblem but the second time I can never get it to land in a double or nothing. Please help its driving me crazy.

Drives me crazy too.

That’s why I skipped it :wink:

First you can practice this pop by crossing your arms while in a 1.5. You probably knew that but I’m just throwing it in there.

Second. Once the yoyo’s in the air cut/ chop into the string with your nth. Also I find i move the whole structure a little bit toward my nth.

Let us know how it all works out.

I landed it a couple times this morning. The prOblem I’m having is that im not cutting into the string fast enough and I end up in a trapeze. I wish I could just skip it lol buy it would end up driving me crazy until I get it perfect

I think it is easy to learn the cross arm and brothers mount. That mout is the same thing as after the first pop of kwigibow

Start in a 1.5 mount with hands crossed. The string on your th index finger needs to be all the way back between you index and middle finger (till your comfy doing this, anyway) when you pop the yoyo up in a nice smooth gentle fashion, in cross your arms parallel in a nice straight line also in a nice slow gentle fashion. Now try to have the yoyo land near your nth index finger, just like when you first leaned trapeze. Hope this helps. Slow n deliberate will help tons. Move that nth index straight across in a nice cutting motion like you’re making an imaginary straight line in the air. Good luck. You’ll get it!

Also if you get your non throw hand pointer finger as close to the yoyo as possible you have a better chance of landing in double or nothing.

It’s important to make sure that your non throw hand goes into the string when you pop it up.
Also, make sure you pop it up high, so you have more time to move into the string.
Hope this helps!

Seeing and understanding what is happening is key in this trick:

After your arms are crossed:

  1. Slide the string on your non throw hand, back over your wrist so you can see the strings that are farther away from you.

  2. Pop the yoyo and uncross to cut the string. You will see it clearly even if you miss it.

  3. Practice.

  4. Do it without placing the string over your non throwhand wrist.

  5. Congrats! You got it.

If you’re landing it sometimes, you’re gonna get it. Just hang in there.

Also landing the 2nd pop near your nth index is good advice too.

It’s a cool trick and worth knowing.

Yeah I landed it a few times then got frustrated and moved onto cold fusion. Surprisingly after trying kwijibo so many damn times cold fusion is coming easier lol.

IMO Kwijibo is harder.

Not exactly… just more complicated, kind of like a Suicide

This one bugged me for a while too, It helped to think of how it worked. Just imagine in your head how it goes from the one and a half mount to double or nothing. It helped me.

for the second pop up try to get it as high as you can and when you bring your nth forefinger across aim as close to the yo-yo as you can. also i found that it helps if in the beginning when you land in the trapeze that you keep that string as far back on you finger as you can. it gives you more space to land the second pop up.

I believe when I was trying to do this trick, (I think I still do it) I tried to get my non-throw-hand pointer close to the yo-yo and far out, (I mean the string would be far out on your pointer finger.)

I hope this helps, it is a great trick.