Kwijibo help


So I’ve been trying to do kwijbo but I can’t get past the first part where you pop off trapeze and cross your hands. Also, how would you get into a double or nothing from the part where you swing the yoyo over and uncross your hands and then re cross them? Any help/tips?


What I found helped me on the first hop is when I cross I got the string as close to the yoyo as I can. This will help with landing it on the sting also. Now once you rotate your hands and hop the yoyo up again you shod already be setup for the double or nothing. Jay a matter of landing it on the right sting. Just some practice and it will all come together for you.


Sorry for the spelling errors not used to my new phone =X


Thanks I’ll try that and see if it works :slight_smile:


Kwijibo is one of my all time favorite tricks!  I had an old video, but apparently I took it down, so I shot this one for you in slow mo!


Thanks man ill watch that later at school right now :slight_smile:


One of my favourites, too! One thing I always mention about the pops is that you can’t think of it as “landing the yoyo on the string” and concentrate on “aiming”.

If you chop the string with enough confidence as well as close enough to the yoyo, it has no choice but to land on the correct string. This goes for both pops.

If you are ever watching the yoyo “fall” and hoping you’ve got the right string in the right place for it to land on… you are doing it “wrong” or at least the hardest possible way. :wink:


What you are actually doing is popping the yoyo into the air then pushing the string so that it’s right beneath the yoyo. If you do this successfully, then there should be a trapeze with an extra line of string and if you uncross your arms and pop the yoyo to your right, then you should be in the one and a half mount. The double or nothing pop is just about the same, just pop the yoyo and push into the string. ;D


Cheater way- in a trapeze, hook the loop around you left finger around your right finger, than run your left hand under the yoyo


I can’t even visualize this. :wink: But you shouldn’t need a cheater way. The “chop” forces a mini trapeze. Once you understand what’s actually happening for those moves, it’s actually hard to miss!