Kwijibo help

AHHHHHH cant get the 1.5 mount cross over thing to go into double or nothing. PLEASE HELP

This is how I learned. By crossing ur hands and thats it, you might miss. The way I think about it is to first cross ur hands, and THEN put the string in the gap. It is to motions, but if u do it well it looks just like one. Also you can just practice the second pop from the 1 and 1/2 mount. What taught me the second pop just in case you need help is having someone stop the yoyo while in the popping postition, and have them slowly pull the yoyo up. This will clearly show you which string u need to hit, and that you have to not let anything fall of your finger. It is a hard trick, but after you learning you will get it down cold. Just keep working at it!

The second pop seems to kill everybody, so don’t worry about it.  Take it slow. 
Go into a 1.5 Mount, Cross, Pop, Uncross.
I like to uncross my hands rather quickly after I pop to pull  the strings apart and force the yoyo onto the string.  Remember, low pops!!!

I find the best way to teach people the second pop is with a dead yoyo. Once they see what string they have to hit, all the have to do is practice. Really the second pop does not have very many variables, so after a while you should be able to hit it 90 percent of the time. Again, low pops, but make sure there is enough time to move your hands. also, try spreading out the string before you pop.