I cant get that last pop into the double or nothing. any tips will be great

Try this: instead of pulling your hands apart to tighten the string to pop the yoyo up, quickly raise both hands to lift the yoyo (kind of like pop n fresh if you’ve learned that already) keeping your hands the same distance from each other.

I’ve found it easier to pop the yoyo straight up and keep the strings where they belong this way. Then it’s easier to land on that one outside string into the D o N…

After that, the last pop into trapeze is easy. I’ve seen some tutorials leave out the last pop though. They just drop and roll out of the D o N like in the matrix…

Hope that helps.

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I’ve been working on this myself and am finally getting consistent-ish at it. I found that it really, really helps to make sure my hands stay at a normal height, directly in front of myself. That pop motion is awkward and I had a tendency to lift my hands to try and catch the yoyo afterward. I agree that just kind of tossing the yoyo up once your hands are in a good position makes a it easier to keep control. I found it helps for keeping your hands equal with each other in order to make a straight slicing motion as you uncross your arms.

Make sure you under cut the string like in the first hop

thanks! this all really helped me out