And whut help

I cant get the pop i know your supposed to pop it in the back but then do you bring the yoyo over or under the strings and which string do you land it on??? please help i really think i could get it if I even knew what I was supposed to do!!!

Ahhhhh the infamous and whut pop.
I had sooooo many dramas nutting this out then a friend showed me something and it magically became clear to me.
Forget about poping the yoyo at first and let the yoyo spin in front of all the strings then swing the yoyo up onto the back string by going under the strings. This way you can see what the yoyo has to do to get in the tight orientation to go into the triangle.

Thanks thats what ive been doing just backwards but know ive got. just one more quick question do you have to pop the yoyo or can you just swing onto the back string. I mean do you have to do all of that in mid air?

For the trick to be legit, yeah you got to pop the yoyo up and then bring the strings over the yoyo and catch the yoyo on the botom string, its a pain I know but, yeah, thats how the trick is done. For ages I was jus swinging the yoyo off and under until I started doing the pop bit by bit and now I can do the whole pop everytime.
This part just take time a practice, once you figure out the moves that allow you to get the yoyo in the right orientation it will seem easy.