and whut.. last part.

Been working on this trick for days and I got the first two parts easy but the last part, the last part after I pop and recatch from the bottom mount, where you go back into the triangle is difficult for me. I can’t figure out how to get back into the triangle and noone seems to be able explain how to do it properly. Plz help!

Once u bounce the yoyo up then down grab where your throwhand and nonthrowhand pointers are. Pop the yoyo out frontwards. Let the bottom string hang between ur pointer fingers hang. Take the bottom string that is hanging between ur 2 fingers and go around the yoyo with ur left hand and put the string in the gap of yoyo from the side of the yoyo away from u. Bring left hand back while still holding string. Then roll the yoyo on to the string on ur throwhand pointer. BAM! U r in the triangle! Hop out! Catch! Done!

:smiley: Your welcome! lol just playin with ya. ;D

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