Spirit Bomb part 2

whenever I pop the yoyo for the second part it closes up the triangle and I can’t get the yoyo through

Make sure to keep your throwhand thumb and middle finger really far apart as you’re about to land into the triangle-esque structure. It’ll help to keep the triangle wide and easy to get into. Other than that, the trick just takes a lot of practice.

i think i know how to help. after the first pop you are kinda in a backwards wrist mount (with your freehand in the mix) and there is the same goofy “knot” in the string going to your yoyo as in a normal wrist mount. i found that the closer this “knot” is to the yoyo after the first pop the wider the triangle is during the second pop. and the further away the “knot” is from the yoyo the smaller the triangle. hope this helps

Try to either pop the yoyo high up in the air or keep it as low as possible. One or the other usually helps.