Spirit Bomb


Help please!! I can’t figure out how to land the second pop in spirit bomb.


Okay what exactly are you not landing, the string hit or the part where you have to go through the triangle?


Ok, well first of all the string that I am supposed to land on is scooted way in towards my body and I also have trouble get the yoyo in the triangle.


I have the same problem with the 2nd hop, GregP was nice enough to make me a point-of-view video with slowmo of the 2nd pop.  I still can’t get it, but it may help you :slight_smile:



It helps if you push your finger into the part of the string that’s just above the triangle when you pop it all up. It’s hard to notice at first but when you do it like 200 times it becomes clear.


Great tutorial by Miggy:


Ive been yoyoing for 2 years and still cant do this trick lol


I have found that if you turn your throw hand toward your body the middle of the triangle dials in over the bottom string better


Here’s my take on it.
There’s really only one difficult moment in the trick, that’s when you pop the yoyo, uncross the arms, and drop it in the triangle.
As everyone says, an important thing is to open the triangle as wide as one can using your throw hand thumb. It took me a while to realise that the string i actually needed to widen with my thumb wasn’t sticked to my thumb until very late in that motion. So here’s is my advice, the order below needs to be respected:
0. initially the throw hand palm is facing up

  1. pop yoyo
  2. uncross non throw hand
  3. wait for the string to hit your right thumb
  4. turn palm to side and widen the triangle
  5. in the little time left… aim for the string below the triangle

My mistake has been, for the first couple of days, to try to do 4. before 3.
Forcing your throw hand to stay still when it still has to widen the triangle and adjust the landing is counter-intuitive, I think. But you got to wait for that string to hit your thumb before moving it.

Also, other mistakes which i made:
_ I uncrossed my two hands to much. Your hands don’t need to be so spread for the yoyo to land in the triangle. If you try to spread too much… it will kind of screw the trick.
_ I also initially tended to pop the yoyo too high… and i think that prevented the triangle to be wide.


I think I use the term “aim” loosely when it comes to landing through the triangle. Just as after a short while you don’t really “aim” for landing a trapeze (the motion itself causes it to land on the string) I don’t aim for the triangle.

I worked on getting a big enough triangle and then as I missed for a while I kept track of whether I was missing to the front or the back of the bottom string (can’t remember anymore) and adjusted my formation so that the string was lining up properly with the yoyo.

Then, just like trapeze, pulling the two hands apart forces the yoyo into correct alignment and you stop pulling apart at just the right time for the yoyo to drop through. If you literally try to “aim”, you will probably miss more often than not. Not that I land it 100% even after this long, but I am relatively consistent.