Help with 2nd hop on spirit bomb

Ok so this has been my nemesis for many years. I can land it maybe 1 in 50 attempts, and it’s always the 2nd hop that messes me up. What’s the trick for opening up the triangle enough to get the yoyo through cleanly?

On the second hop, have your NTH index intercept the string right next to the yoyo. It really helped me when practicing it.

no real secret, just use your TH thumb to open it nice and wide.

push the part of the string on your wrist farther down your arm.
make sure the kink in the string is far enough away from your wrist.

I found my problem was that I wasn’t set up correctly after the first pop. I was somehow hooking an extra loop of string segment around my thumb. Now that I’ve done the trick for so long, I can’t remember how I managed to accomplish that, but I did.

When you do it, turn your throwhand palm up. I remember that helped. And again, though it seems intuitive now, I remember for a little while I had to focus on getting my throwhand thumb properly inside what will become the “triangle”… when I was doing it wrong, my thumb was missing that part of the triangle and I was trying to spread the wrong thing.

Again, it’s hard to duplicate doing it wrong for a demonstration, but maybe the above will help somehow.

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I’m getting closer to landing it consistently, the triangle is definitely bigger now and an easier target. Thanks for the help

What really helped me was to try and get the yoyo as high as you can on the second hop. This will allow the triangle to open up wide.

Honestly, your going to hate me. Spirit bomb was a super hard trick, it took me 3 weeks of consistent work to get it, and I mean an hour or two a day strictly on that darn trick. The only thing that helped me was to literally get pissed and tell that yoyo to get in the triangle.

I stopped trying to make it go in and just did my pop with a wide triangle and let the forces be…and next thing I knew it was going in… I don’t know how or why but I just stopped caring and told myself it will just do. Now it goes in every time.

Lol sorry I’m no help. But I know how frustrating this trick can be, I stopped throwing for a week or two because of it. Especially because when you mess this trick up the string knots almost every time.

Just remember, the dude abides.

In other words, practice it.

I hit it every now and then. I should probably work on it more now.

I need to find a super-slow-mo video from the player’s perspective so I can see where I’m going wrong…the triangle just seems really small but I don’t see a way to open it up more.

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My camera only does 60fps (so not MEGA slow) and then I can slow it down a bit more in edit without it looking tooooo choppy. I’ll see what I can do for you.

Would you mind posting it up here on the tricks forum for all to see please? This would really be helpful since I assume it would be made like how your superman video is. Thanks.



Awesome video GregP! Can’t get any better without a mini camera that can ride along on the yoyo!

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  1. Open loop really wide with thumb
  2. Catch on string as if you’re landing a kendama, use dem knees

^ That right there, is the reason why Greg is a forum expert. ;D

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Nah, it’s because I’m good at forum, nothing to do with yoyoing. :wink: I think! Haha!