Need help with spirit bomb


Someone please help ! I can’t get the finally catch of spirit bomb. My thumb is having trouble hooking the string that forms the final triangle. I can’t seem to figure out how to form that darn triangle. Any help would be appreciated. Hints ? Tricks ? Techniques ?


Could you post a video so we can see what is happening? The final hop is the hardest. It took me a while and some people on here have me some really good advice. One quick tip, when you pop the YoYo up, don’t let it reach the end of the string. If it pulls the string tight it makes the triangle small and almost impossible to catch correctly.


Spirit Bomb Help

You REALLY have to get the strings in the right place on your throw-hand in order to open up that triangle for the second hop.

Maybe my top-down video will help:


This helped me a bit too. Also use your knees.


Shout out @GregP and @InvaderDust. They gave me these tips.


Thank you !!! Great video. I will probably watch it a million times. I’m getting closer. Can hit it once in a while. You make it look effortless. I think I am letting the yoyo reach the end of the string. The triangle is small and sometime the yoyo snags the triangle or lands outside of it. I’m finally getting the triangle formed nicely but I think it’s not big enough. Definitely I am using my knees. That’s for sure. This really helps. I can feel that I’m almost there. Just a little more finessing. I will post back when I get it on lock !! Thank you thank you !!! :pray:


Yeah no problem! (And that’s not me in the video. Someone posted that video for me when I was struggling.) The second hop is the hardest. To make a large triangle make sure the yo yo is not pulling the string tight at the end. That is the biggest thing. Also I found that Kitty String works a little better (in my opinion) for this trick. Let me know when u land it. And the video on helps a lot too!


Will do ! :+1:


I’m making it about 1 in 5 tries now. Stoked. Thanks for the tips. I’ll post a video when I get it on lock down !


Nice! You have it now! Just about building consistency!


your not the only who has had trouble with spirit bomb. We have all been there. Glad to see your getting it though.


Yeah, it’s a great feeling when I nail it. Like most tricks it all comes down to doing it a million times until it’s second nature. I’ve got kamikazi down pretty well also, and been working on “and whut”. Need to get the jump rope at the end of that one. I figure tricks are just going to get harder and harder from here on out. What else should I be learning ?


Thanks ! Best feeling ever landing it. :facepunch: