Spirt Bomb

I, like most people, am having a really tough time with the second pop. I noticed that the bottom string and one of the top strings are lined up. I imagine that this is my problem but I don’t know how to fix it. Please help


I’mma tag along for this one to keep’r in one thread.

My problems are twofold:

  1. I don’t know any tricks to get the “triangle” after the second pop to be bigger. I have to pray it’s big enough and that I can get the yoyo close enough to my hand without touching for it to drop through without incident.

  2. I’m still kind of hoping and praying the bottom string lines up for when the yoyo drops through. Once (and once only!) I sort of “visualized” it as the yoyo was coming down and managed to catch it. Any tips for this one? In Kwyjibo, I find that applying a bunch of tension (pulling hands apart) forces the yoyo down to the correct string after a pop; in Spirit Bomb I think I’m just making a mess of things when I try to do something similar.

I’ve landed it super cleanly 3 times. But every other time I miss one string or another and have to fake it back on just to complete the trick without having to deal with knots and wambles!

You want to use your throwhand thumb to open up the triangle, similar to how you open up the triangle to land the original wrist mount. This is somewhat difficult because you can’t actually do this while your arms are crossed in the pre-pop position because of how the string segment is draped over your throwhand palm. You have to uncross your hands during the pop before you can get your thumb in position to spread out the strings, which means you have to focus on doing multiple things at once.

Because of this, popping the yoyo higher can actually make it easier to catch. The higher you pop the yoyo, the more time you have to get the triangle opened up and the strings in the right position. Focus on trying to get the strings positioned correctly during the pop, even if you are not landing the yoyo properly. You want to get in roughly the same position as you have the strings for a wrist mount. This means getting the bottom string lined up in the middle of the triangle (probably somewhere around the base of your fingers), and the top string closer to you pulled well toward your wrist with your thumb.

Once you get that down, try to focus on landing the yoyo inside the triangle. If you can get the strings in the right position, and you can get the yoyo to land through the triangle, then you should be able to land it fairly consistently. It might help to visualize popping the yoyo up and aiming it to land just inside your throwhand palm, which is where the opening will be.

It’s a tough trick that takes a lot of practice, but hopefully that helps some in figuring out what to work on.

What Yossarian said.

Dont think of it as “landing through the triangle”. Just try to hop the yoyo up really high, open your throwhand really wide, and get the yoyo to fall as close to your throwhand palm as possible.

Thanks, guys. I haven’t been opening the throwhand at all. I’ll give that a go!

This tutorial by jacob of G2 opened my eyes to how to do the second pop of Spirit Bomb. It may not be for Spirit Bomb but it helps opening the triangle with your thumb. I kind of just did Spirit Bomb once I tried the one handed wrist mount

Hopes it helps you guys out to.

Spirit bomb was so frustrating I just started making my own tricks

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I know that feel.

But, then I landed it! And once you land it once (or in my case, 4 times now!) it’s like a delicious carrot dangling in front of you, and you’re like, “I can nail this.”

Thanks guys. I’ll let you know if I get it

Here is my take on it.  Hope it helps.