Serious Spirit Bomb Help


I’m stuck at the first pop of Spirit Bomb. I had it for one magical evening, now I can’t do it to save my life. I get into position, pop the yoyo into the above string and cross my hands, but for some reason instead of landing on one string with the GT-esque formation I’m landing on two strings with a weird loop twisted around my left hand. I’ve watched video after video to try and figure out what I’m doing wrong but I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’m not getting the right formation after the first pop. Any advice?


When you are ready to pop the yoyo up for the first time, as you are crossing arms turn your throw hand palm side up. This helped my land it about 98% of the time. Hope this helps


Before you go double on just twist your hands so the right hand goes underneath the left. Then you are ready for the second pop and can learn the first later. I hope u are right handed otherwise the opposite.


A thousand times this. And although you don’t necessarily need to totally bring your thumb in, be aware of whether your thumb is catching the wrong part of the string or not.

I practiced for well over a week without my palm up and with my thumb grabbing a wrong string segment as I did the cross before finally discovering the problem. A WEEK!


you think you need help? I don’t even think if I"m doing the first pop right xD the second pop? forget that haha. I’m almost giving up on that trick :confused:

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Here you go.
I tried to break down that second ‘pop’ as clearly as I could, right down to growing a 3rd arm to assist!


One thing no tutorial showed me (including this one, Jer, sorry!) is where the throwhand thumb should end up to spread the triangle. Once you’ve learned the trick it just starts to feel natural, but I learned it recently enough to remember slowing videos down to learn which space to “aim” for with my TH thumb in order to get the proper spread.

Once my thumb was in the right place, the rest of it became so much easier.

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Alright Greg, you make the tutorial, I’ll replace mine with it on the MFD site! Or at the very least film what you are talking about and I’ll redo mine.


Aw, man! That sounds like a lot of WORK! I can’t even imagine how much time you’ve put into your tutorials. You’re an insane man. Let me see what I can come up with…

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Meh, the way I do it it takes about fifteen minutes to film the average trick (longer for more complicated tricks) and 15 or 20 of editing, depending on how much I screwed up.


It always takes a little bit longer than we notice, so let’s round it up to an hour per trick. That’s still well over 100 hours of trick videos!!!

You, sir, are an insane man.

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Lol, I shall take that as a compliment.
And I believe this thread has drifted sufficently to deserve…
17 dollars?


Thanks MrYoyoM and GregP! Greg, I’d really like to see what you’re referring to in a slow-mo video!

I spend more time untying knots than I do practicing the trick itself. Right now, I’m just trying to hit the triangle on the last pop. This trick isn’t my top priority, so I only try it a few times a week, but still… I’ll celebrate the day when I can cross it off my To-Do list. :wink:


I learned this trick a bit differently I think. On the first pop my TH thumb isn’t in play. The string is around my TH wrist, not the back of my hand. This causes the triangle to form automatically.

I think this is how the trick was meant to be performed. Never know though.


Unconventional, but I can see how it would work! I just like my wrist mounts over the back of my hand, so you have to consider the thumb as both a hindrance (during the first pop) and a help (during the second pop). If the string is down around your wrist, it might just all work out!


Thanks for all the feedback and advice guys. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out the first pop. I’ve come the conclusion that I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t see what it is. I pop up the yoyo, bring my NTH across (and on top of) my TH, and I end with the yoyo on multiple strings instead of hanging in the configuration it needs to be in for the second pop.

Funny thing is, I got so frustrated that I started getting into position for the second pop the “cheater” way, and now I can land the second pop more often than not. I just can’t do the first pop.



The thing that helped me the most on getting it through the first pop is when you get into you wrist mount, make sure that the “Y” shape is deep. As in make the “V” part of it bigger and it helps keep the string in place for landing. I hope this helps.


if you need to, to make the “v” shape bigger, use your nonthrowhand and pull down on the string closest to your body.


I have been working on the second pop off and on for months, I can get the first part. I am having a problem with the yoyo landing on a different string and not through the triangle. Also, if I do make it through the triangle, the bottom string isn’t under the triangle, but moved over, so the yoyo doesn’t land on the string. My wrist mount, the string goes over my wrist, not the back of my hand. If someone has any other tips that aren’t mentioned, it would be a great help! Last notice, I am left handed as well.


Getting it through the triangle is tough. After wondering how anyone EVER gets it through the triangle, I discovered I was doing the second pop wrong. Once I discovered this and corrected it, my triangle was MUCH bigger and it was therefore easier to get it through. I still miss occasionally, though!

Having the wrist mount over the wrist shouldn’t make the bottom string impossible to land on, though. The distance from your slipknot to the wrist can’t be TOO large, though, or the triangle will start flattening out again. Also not sure if having it over the wrist will cause it to “catch” in such a way that you can’t open the triangle.