Spirit bomb trouble


Yeah the first pop just winds up being a bunch of strings wrapped all around my fingers :-\ I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong I’m guessing I am holding/catching the wrong stuff and I can do kwijibo like a beast. And I plan on practicing so please don’t say ‘Just practice’(I plan on doing a lot)


I have no clue how to do this trick


seriously no one knows this trick? grr!!


Before the first pop, there should be one horizontal string segment directly above the yoyo (it should go from over your non-throwhand pointer finger to the kink in the wrist mount). You want to pop the yoyo up into that string. The yoyo should push that string up, which should let you cross your non-throwhand pointer finger into that same string and pull it across with your hand. Make sure your hand crosses underneath the yoyo (but over your throwhand) when you do this so that you don’t also catch the string segment attached to the yoyo on your finger. If you do that right, the segment that you popped the yoyo into and crossed your hand into should be the only one on your non-throwhand at the end of the first pop.

Hopefully that helps some.


Great explanation, Yossarian.
Spirit Bomb gave me a lot of trouble–not as much as boing-e-boing or even Eli hops, but at least with those two, I could visualize what was supposed to happen. Spirit Bomb didn’t look like anything I could comprehend. One night, I fell asleep watching tutorials, and the next day, I swear I threw nothing but Spirit Bomb attempts for 6 hours, until I finally got it. Now I land the first pop about 90% of the time; as for the 2nd pop, I might actually land it properly 70% of the time.