spirit bomb help

everytime i do this trick this happens
ill do the wrist mount
go over and double over but when you pop up and bring your hand together
my yoyo just fumbles around and gets the string tangled up


no offense bro but you had a rough time explaining and showing the trick spirit bomb. not trying to give you any crap, but it seemed like even you had trouble landing your yoyo onto strings.

as for qqbubblet, check out the tutorials on this website. andre shows you techniques and what not to land that first pop. i think the key is to have a straight yoyo, so when you throw a break away make sure the yoyo is not tilted, and you’ll get less catastrophies (sp) . also to make sure as for the first pop in touches the string that is right above the yoyo BEFORE the pop because that’s what it sits on when your hands are crossed. hope this helped. good luck

Something that helps me is to pop gently. You want the yoyo to achieve full height, but you want it to do so as slowly and gently as possible. Fast pops/rapid crossing will cause your yoyo to slam back down and destroy your landing. So gently and smoothly. Try to keep the yoyo up as long as possible. Not jerky. At first, just focus on crossing smoothly before the yoyo comes down. Then focus on landing.

i was messing with short string

i have thats what i watch to learn these tricks
but i dont understand when he says to pop and bring your hands together

For the first pop, when you are doubled on, pull your hands apart so the string acts like a slingshot, then cross your non throw hand over your throw hand.

Don’t get frustrated, give it time… You can literally trow this trick over 1000 times before you have it down… I don’t think anyone has mentioned it in this thread , but make sure you know kwijibo really well, the moves are similar …

Did you use the search bar? There may be things answered that I can’t tell you (I understand if no previous post has answered your specific question.)

it is mentioned in my vid

Srry… I cant view sig pix or posted videos at skool

ahhh. got ya