Calling all masters of Spirit Bomb.

Okay, so I just started working on spirit bomb and Im having a hard time. I can do the mount, but when I go double on to the string something seems wrong. It says in the video that “technically” you can just toss it to the right of your throw hand (without the pop and cross of your hands) and that it will be in the same position. I am almost positive that I am doing it right when I go double-on, but it seems all tied up when I go to cross it over. If anyone has any nice, slow vids it would help. BTW, I’ll probably be making another thread once I get to step two, so stay tuned. :wink:

When you cross it over you dont go double on ;).

You can just update this thread when you get to step two.

Spirit bomb is just a hard trick to get down. It took me a few weeks to get it, but it feels great to be able to do it now.

One thing that would help is to have the yoyo dead. Kill it after you get the wrist mount, but leave it on the strings. Then either get somebody or just use your other hand to move the yoyo around so that you can see where the yoyo needs to go. Then after you get a feel for it that way, try doing it with it sleeping.

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it only took me like 3 or 4 days of andres videos and i had it

That’s good, but please don’t make needless posts. Thanks. :slight_smile:


This was of great help to me:

Hope it helps!

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I cant do the second pop this trick is hard >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

You have to pop the yoyo completely free of all strings and then into the trianlge on your throwhand. I use my thumb to open that triangle somethimes, works pretty well.

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For the second pop, try not popping the yoyo very high. Also, search around the forum for other topics on spirit bomb. There’s lots of useful information in some of those.

I usually pop it low on the first pop and then pop it really high on the second.

I’m also still working on this trick, but one thing that seems to help me on the 2nd pop is this:
The wrap in the string (from the wrist mount), needs to be as close to the yoyo as possible. When that wrap is close to the yoyo, and I make the 2nd pop, I seem to get a better and bigger triangle for the yoyo to go through.
Also, before I make the 2nd pop, I make sure to keep my hands as close together as possible. For some reason that just works best for me.

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The thing that REALLY helped me on the 2nd pop is that you have to move your throw hand so the palm is facing up. It’ll make the triangle a lot bigger so you can land the yoyo in it.

Another question, do you think its easier to do it when the wrist mount actually goes around your wrist, or with the back string around the back of your hand like he does in the video?

It’s going to be different with different people but theoretically it’ll be easier with it around your wrist so that the triangle is wider.

this will help alot

make sure that when u double on you hit all the strings not just 1

Finally, and to great relief, I’m starting to actually stick the landing. I just did it twice in a row for the first time. I’m still a long ways off from calling it conquered but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

All the advice here helped but especially this last video. I started popping it higher and tilting my wrists back.

This one was tough.

when you doule on land on both 2 string no front or back both

He said he’s getting it down, which means he knows how to do it. Sorry but this post was useless.