need help with spirit bomb

when i do the second pop it just gets tangled up and not in the triangle HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

Longer string.

Do it slower so you have acuracy. Open it up with your TH

thanks i’ll try it slower

i tried the second pop slower and it still didnt work it just tangled up

Spirit Bomb is another of those tricks where it’s hard to master. When you switch your hands backwards, you have hardly any control over the yoyo. Just practice, and you’ll find a way.

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There is no reason for a poll. Please keep that in mind the next time you start a thread. Polls are almost never needed.

i have a question too with spirit bomb, like on the first pop where is the yoyo supposed to go, like after the double on from wrist mount?

well when your double on you pop the yoyo up on the top string and when your yoyo is in the air you cross your hands and your non throw hand goes OVER your throw hand and you land in like a triangle which is hard to explain so i hope this helps

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On the first pop… I don’t even know what the yoyo does exactly as I’ve never thought about it, but make sure on the second one that you bring your hand straight across, at first I had a tendency to do it at an angle so I wasn’t catching all of the strings, so it opens up the way you want it to.