Spirit bomb! HELP!!!

hi all!

im stuck on spirit bomb! >:(

Ive got the wrist mount, and the bits upto the double on thingy, its the first pop I cant get! i keep watching the tut that Andre does in the learn section but I really cant get it! Ive been trying for like 2 hours now and getting annoyed lol! Any help would be great!

cheers oli! ;D

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ohh. I thought that was the easy part xD (not trying to make fun, I just think that the second pop is a lot harder. In fact im stuck on the second…)

uhmm, what exactly happens when you try the pop? do you cross you arms and its off the string, or does the yoyo come down before you can cross your arms and hit your hand?

lol! A bit of both, when I pop it either hits my hand or I manage to cross my hands and it lands in a mess! haha :-\

Well when I’m doing the first pop, I try to hit the string above yoyo. It usually gives me the correct line up to land it.

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yea, thats pretty much all there is to it other than practice.
here’s a tut i found. sorry i cant be much help.  :-[

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cheers guys! i had a go with a slightly longer string and its getting easier! im on to the final pop not! this IS the hard bit! lol ill keep at it.

Great! One tip for the second pop is try not to pop it way up in the air. As you’re learning it, the higher you pop it the smaller the triangle is going to be.

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when I learned this trick I had problems with the first pop as well, I would suggest just keep trying to hit the string right above the yoyo, it comes with practice…for some reason the second pop for me just came naturally, hopefully the same will happen with you.

For the second pop, try opening the triangle a bit with your throwhand thumb and pointer. Its a doozy of a trick. Keep at it! You can do it.

this trick is tough and i agree with what apetrunk said once again

keep at it. if at any trick you dont understand andre’s tuts check on youtube for tuts of the same trick

This helped me out a lot when I was learning this trick:

thanx guys! sorry for the delayed reply if not been on for a while! im keeping at it! its hard! lol im sure ill get it with time!