Spirit bomb

Hey guys! Been learning spirit bomb (finally) and I don’t know what do do after the first pop. I’ve been trying to find it through other tutorials but none seem to work. A bit of help would be nice.



Hey, I am working on that one too. Almost have it. I got a lot of help from Hebooz, ask him.

After the first pop you pull your hand up again to pop the yoyo up. As you do this you will uncross your arms and try to land the yoyo in the middle section.

Okay, I think we all know that one. But, any specific tips?

The only thing I can think of is on re second hop try and get the yoyo as high as you can. This will allow the triangle be bigger for you to land in.

This vid was one that helped me get Spirit Bomb down.

Then you can work on the one handed wrist mount to enter it!  Jake has another fun trick tutorial from the one handed wrist mount called Bottle Rocket too.

Bottle Rocket:

For me, this was one I had to just keep trying and trying until it finally clicked. It was VERY frustrating, but now I can land it pretty regularly.

I got the trick :slight_smile: Thanks guys for helping me out!

Is there an easier way to get into “before the 2nd pop” position rather than going through wristmount -> double trapeze -> 1st pop routine?


At 0:40 he shows you how to practice the second part only.