Need some tips on Spirit Bomb

Well, I gave up learning spirit bomb a while ago and I need to do it for the trick list at my yoyoclub so I wanted to ask you guys if you had any tips. I can get into the spot where youre ready to do the first pop and than…well I cant get past that. I am a lefty if that makes any difference.

Make the popping motion smooth and fluid. Make sure your right hand is going over your left. Don’t try popping too high, you’ll be less accurate. After that, practice, practice practice!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Another thing to try is getting Kwijibo really strong so you can do it in yourself. This’ll help you a lot doing the Spirit Bomb pop.

yeah my kwijibo is really strong so thats not a problem, i think i was moving my left hand over my right instead of the other way round (since im a lefty) so now its just practice

Yeah, go right hand over left hand, and make sure you check out this link. It looks really bad at first but it’s how I learned Spirit Bomb and now I’m fairly consistent at it.

I hate spirit bomb. Maybe next saturday we will both get it. I’ve actually landed it 3 whole times this weekend. Good luck with it!

If you are still having a problem on saturday have some people take a look at it. David gave me hand with it and made a minor change that really helped open up that triangle on the second pop.

If you’re having trouble actually landing the yo-yo onto the string after you pop it, make your hand crossover as quick as possible without losing any control. If you keep the motion quick and firm, it almost forces the yo-yo to land on the string. It’s like the same principle as with Eli Hops: pull the yo-yo down to the string instead of just hoping it will fall onto it.

For the second pop, which is what is usually considered the most difficult part of the trick, really study the Spirit Bomb part 2 video on this site in the Learn section. Pay extra close attention to Andre’s throwhand motion at 0:24 and 2:29. That’s what really did it for me.

dont worry im not stealing your thread but…
im past the trick list and makin new ones, but one day i said that i was in master and my friend said can you help me with spirit bomb? i said sorry and now i have to practice it. anyways when i pop it on the first pop i dont seem to have enogh string to pass my hand through it. which is weird because i have longer strings than my belly button and my friends string. when i pop it my hand knots it up or it tilts immediately or it goes right back into wrist mount.
yes im passing right over left (im right handed) and its fluid.

The first pop is left over right.


ibanez collector has a great high speed vid on it, thats what really helped me, because I have noone around here to show me how it’s really done, ya know?

If you’re still having trouble:

keep the ideas comin, im still stuck on landing the first pop right, i did it once but havent been able to since

so i finally got the first pop now for the second. it turned out i wasnt moving my hand into the right string