spirit bomb help

i need some help on that last pop. i have gotten it to land through the triangle like, twice just by pure luck, but is there anything i can do along with practice to make hitting the string through the triangle easier. i always end up hitting the wrong string and its kinda hard for me to tell which one im hitting vs which one i need to hit. haha.

Yeah, thats the hard part. theres no easy way about it, its just practice practice practice, and each time you miss adjust the way you place your throwhand somewhat… you’ll figure it out. This one took me a long time to get consistent with. Constant adjustments, focus on how the trick feels and adjust here and there. Eventually youll get it right.

I need help with this trick too. I can do the wrist mount just fine and the 2 underpasses but I have a lot of trouble with the pops. I can do the first pop but it doesn’t look very smooth and the second pop is incredibly difficult to land in that little triangle. Does anyone know how to make the triangle bigger? Also, on the dismount, do you land the yoyo closest to your body or on the other side further away? Every time I try to dismount I get a nasty knot. Any advice would be great!

Your just going to have to practice practice practice… no really! just follow what onedef1 said! It really helped me!

Okay, so I figured out the dismount to this trick and you have to land the yoyo on the string closest to your body in order to dismount without a knot. I have gotten the first pop down but the second pop is really starting to annoy me. Could anyone offer some advice on how to make the triangle larger so that the yoyo lands in there easier? This trick is painful and it is taking me forever to learn. Thanks for the support from everyone!

Just make sure you have a good Kwijibo, then apply it to spirit Bomb, and make sure you pop nice and straight.

Have Fun Throwing,


heres some help when you do the second pop don’t do a big pop if you lift it up slowly and dont go so high just let it fall it will open up the triangle. hope that helps

I have finally figured out the mechanics of the second pop! Even though I cannot land it consecutively yet (manged to get it once or twice), I wanted to offer some more advice to people learning this excruciating trick. I think most people learning this can do the first pop fine, but it’s the second that has everybody pulling their hair out! Yesterday, I thought I had the second pop figured out completely, and it turned out I wasn’t landing it in the triangle, but instead on the string furthest away. Today, I figured out the correct way to do it. When you do the second pop, make sure there is an additional loop on your non-throwhand index finger so that once the yoyo lands in the triangle formed by your throwhand, it will create that “additional wrap” that is needed to make this trick right. A problem I am having now is I seem to be hitting the upper string during the second pop and turning my string into knots and twists. Hope some of this helps all of you!

FINALLY I have gotten this trick down! I can land it about 1/2 the time but amazingly, I have managed to get that second pop down! In Andre’s video for this trick (the second part), his suggestion for skipping the first pop and just rolling the yoyo over into the ready position for the second pop really helps you learn how to do it! I am going to keep hammering away on this trick until I get it down completely. By far the most difficult trick I have learned as well as the most time consuming. For anyone learning this, just keep being persistent and you will get it! But be prepared to do this trick 1000+ times before you finally get it correct! Thanks to everyone for the tips.

I’ve been working on that 2nd pop for SO long. I don’t even need to go into the ready position for it because my first pop is really smooth (90%). I’ve just figured that I can make the 2nd pop work if I don’t land in the triangle and instead aim for the bottom string closest to me. What happens is that I’m left in the original wrist mount without the loop on my finger. I feel like I can now do it but with a cheat. Do you guys know what I mean?

I know what you mean. I don’t think it really looks the same though, and you also can’t finish the trick right that way. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Spirit Bomb annoys me.

okay dudes. i just got the 2nd pop down. I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t using my offhand pointer finger to pull the string connecting the yo to the left and open up the V shape on the throw hand.

So yeah, I got it now. gimme a couple of days and i’ll be rocking the SB like its skin the gerbil (cos i have that down easy)

Cheers! The SB is no longer BS