Spirit Bomb


I can already do this trick but when i do the second pop of the trick the triangle to land the yo in is reall small.
does any one know how to make that triangle bigger if your confused on what triangle i am talking about it is the one in Andre’s video Part Two at 1:52


There was another thread about this around here.

Try not to pop the yoyo up too high. The higher you pop up, the more time you have to catch, but the smaller the triangle.

Just keep practicing, try popping the yoyo lower than you usually do.

Read this post, lots of tips.


You even posted in that topc, yoyomaster. Why did you make this topic?


he was talking about the first pop. i was talking about the second


Reply 5, 6, 8, 10.


whats "reply 5 6 8 10 "

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He is directing to the reply numbers in the given thread. Your reply in this thread is reply number 5, whilst mine is reply number 6. The number can be found at the top of every single reply in bolded text.


ok thanks


same problem ???


Then read through the replies to find your answer. Thanks.


not trying to argue, and this is one of the things i hate about not talking and typing, but that sounded kind of rude. just stating

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It’s not rude at all. He is just saying that when we’ve already posted a thread wher one can find the answers, he can just look there.


oh alright
NOTE thats why i dont like typing
you cant tell the emotions behind the words