Spirit Bomb

Hi. I haven’t found anything on the fourms that adress this problem, so please don’t tell me to search for it.

Ok! So I have been trying to land spirit bomb… I can get all the way to the second pop, but when I try to pop the yoyo up and land inside the triangle formed, I find that all of the previous moves have tightened the triangle ot the point of it being imposible to fit a yoyo through.

I mean the part around 1:00, the pop that you have to land through the triangle. How do you keep the triangle open???

Please help and thank you in advance.

This is in other topics, but whatever. Practice is the main thing. Also, try popping it really high or not high at all. One of these usually helps, just depends on the person.

Thanks, but by the time i get to a pop the triangle is about half an inch long, so am i being to forceful or what? i’ll try poping with differant strengths though.

Have you tried popping it high or low? When you land the first pop, you’ll basically know how big the triangle will be because the triangle hanging from your throwhand is that same triangle, which is the same as the top triangle in the wrist mount. Thus, make sure you dont have the triangle to small in the original wrist mount.

ok, I’ve tried the high pop, now trying low pop. So if i make a big triangle at first, I’ll have a big one later?