Spirit Bomb... yes... I need help!

Ok… I know what I’m meant to do… however… I have no idea if I doing it correctly.

I think I can do the first hop properly, but the second one I can’t do (possibly because I’m doing the first hop wrong maybe).

Any good videos/tutorials that break this down well??


It would be difficult to understand what you’re doing wrong without any additional details or perhaps a video recording. Here’s a tutorial, however, that explains each step very well:


Nope still finding this confusing… assuming the first hop I’m doing is correct, the second hop always ends up on the top string as opposed to going through the triangle (but I’m not 100% sure everything is in the right position for the second pop).

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The second hop is the most difficult part of the trick. The yo-yo won’t just “go through” unfortunately. It takes practice to get that triangle open enough and you have to angle it just right.

Keep working on it. If you can take a video it would help us see where exactly you’re going wrong with the trick.


When learning this trick, it helps to get all of the time you can buy, especially for the second hop.

One of the very best ways to buy yourself more time is to get your knees into it. Similar to the way Kendama players use their knees to catch the dama; when you go for the second hop, get up on your tiptoes and then bend your knees and squat low as your executing the catch. It’ll help slow it down so you can see what’s going on.

Once you start hitting it consistently, you don’t have to use your knees anymore (unless you want to). It’s just one of the most effective ways to buy more time so you can see what’s going on.

As far as the first hop, you probably have it right. Mainly because there’s not very many other strings that you can possibly land on.


I second the point that SmileyPants made. This helped me a lot while learning this. It just gives you that little tiny bit of extra time to line up and open that triangle. I also had more luck first with an undersized yoyo at first. About 50 mm diameter with as wide a catch zone as possible is your best bet to make it through that triangle. I did well with a YYJ Vigilante. It also helps to have a string a bit longer than from your navel to the floor, at least while you’re learning the trick. It gives you more string to work with and open up the triangle farther.


I feel like I’ve landed it by accident a couple of times, but not too sure!

It’s one of those tricks I wish could be performed in slow motion to get the technique correct… but unfortunately I’m not slowing down gravity.

I’ll keep at it, but thanks for the tips so far!

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What Smileypanpts said!

I only started to learn that second pop once I started to use my knees because as he says it buys you more time, plus helps you feel like you have some control over what is happening


I think I’m doing everything right, however, can’t seem to aim it for the triangle… will keep at it!

It’s annoying it’s one of those tricks that you can’t try again straight away if you mess up, tons of potential knots :sob:


Yea, lol. I find that using a nylon string helps you get the knots out easier, but it really is one of those tricks where you have to de-knot every time you mess up (which is still almost every time for me, heh).

As for the second pop, maybe just try aiming for the cup of your hand instead of trying to thread the needle. I find that if I can get it to land in the right area, the string is just there to land on.


Another tip for the 2nd hop - if you pop the yoyo up as high as it can go, it’ll land into the triangle easier. Put full effort into the hop! No half-hops allowed!


^That was going to be my advice as well! Keep going!


I thought I was getting somewhere with this trick… now I hit one in 50 attempts…

The issue seems to be that I always land next to the triangle (on the top string) as opposed to going through the triangle. I’ve tried bending my knees, repositioning my hands, and popping the yoyo higher, but always seem to land in the same place.

Interestingly, when I do get through the triangle I often miss the string below.