Spirit Bomb yoyo trick

I’m not the greatest yoyoer and I’m having trouble with this one trick. And what I’m having trouble with is the two hops in the trick, that you do into the top string. Does anybody have any advice on how to get those hops down?

I recently gt this one down pretty well. I cant hit it 9 outta 10 times now. I know the struggle.

First off, to hit the top string on the first hop, just make sure its over the gap, pull your hands apart and it should go straight up into it.
If it doesnt and you miss that top string, you can still continue the trick’s second hop just to get more practice in, Or you can find the right string to pull and you can re-set it back into a wrist mount to try again. Dont forget to cross your arms, yoyo hand under your non throw hand, or the sting you need to hit wont be there.

My tips are Relax. When I was learning, i was tense, and trying to move fast. It was my “trying” that was causing me to fail.

The second hop is the real Killer. My tip for it is to set it as high as you can without maxxing the string tautness. The hisher to the top you can get it, the bigger the triangle you have to shoot through becomes, but if you go too high, itll make it small AND come down in an unnatrual way.

Its a very smooth and flowing trick. Ive also found that bending your knees for both of the hops like you would for kendama or footbag to cushion the lands really helps out too.

Relax is key here. I also tensed up far more than I needed to and tried too hard with those hops. The second hop for the longest time killed me. I spent about a month alone with this trick, taking it a section at a time.

This and Kamikaze are probably the most memorable tricks as far as my learning process/yoyo career goes as they’re the ones that frustrated me the most but had me the most excited once I nailed it.