Spirit Bomb

So I have been practicing this for a long time and I still haven’t gotten hang of the first bounce. When I toss it up in the air I cross my hands and the yoyo misses it and then I have to take of my string and untangle it before there is a tight knot. How am I supposed to land that one. And I haven’t even gotten to the difficult one yet, they say. If anyone has some tips, please I need it.

The 2nd hop is definitely the trickier one but one step at a time. For the first hop just make sure the yoyo is going up straight. It might also help to pop the yoyo up slowly

That pop took me over a year. The trick is to make sure you are into the top string when you bounce up, then out your finger into the single string that you see in the upper right of the “popped” formation (with your nth pointer). It makes it easier to not go for the cross section of the strings, but that segment itself. *Also, try to make sure the double underpass loop is pretty close to inline with the top string. As you hit that one segment to, cross your throw hand under your nth. It will normally land in the correct formation, then. As for the second pop, pop high and straight, and keep your thumb spread out as you uncross your hands into those strings (try to create triangle and then hit string to drop yoyo, aim for bottom string). I literally got that one after they explained it to me here. As for the dismount, after the underpass and turn of your hand, the second underpass will be pulled at an agle towards yourself, not straight into the strings like you normally do. Great youtube video a member here did to explain the dismount. Hopefully this helps you. If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask. Good luck


Ps. If you miss the bottom string after the first pop, pinch the throwhand triangle to make sure when you pop it up to that string, it stays that same size.