backwards green triangles

i know how to do one from hop in the bucket but i want more ways to do it… maybey something more complicated? thanks for your help

its very hard to explain but if you can do a green triangle laceration then you may be able do a backwards green triangle and even a double red triangle laceration if you practice
i can do all 3 :slight_smile:
and you can also do the 2nd pop part of and whut and when instead of flipping it over roll it over and wala

i know the whole and whut trick already but thaks for the ideas

no problem

Half the time, i just find them myself. Try doing a trapeze and his brother slack, and then pop it off your throwhand, but make sure it is still on there, and then take the loop on your non-throwhand, then cross it down, then make the yoyo come around and land on the back string, BOOM! gt.

dude realy easy one wrist mount, place ur non throw hand so its holding onto the string going round the back of ur wrist, slide of and bam.