Make a trick

The first person picks some sort of a mount, the next person decides is it ispopped rolled etc., and son on and so forth throughout the posts. Hopefully we can make an awesome trick. ;D

Any volunteers to make a vid once it’s done? I don’t have a video camera. :-\

Wrist Mount.

underpassed :slight_smile:

double on

undo that.

wrist mounted magic drop

pop back to a wrist mount

Put your non throw hand finger around the triangle, and hop OUT like “Hop in a Bucket”.

pinch the string at the bottom of the throw hand and whip the slack into the gap of the yoyo.

pop off to iron whip

cut string

pop it into the air into an underwhip

pop into an over whip but knee the yoyo into the air before you recatch

lol we need a video now

isnt the first part just like superman?
double on
undo that
wrist mount magic drop
pop into wrist mount

No, superman is completely different.

grind the yoyo across the nerest persons head

someone should make a video of what this looks like in full speed :o

and then gyro flop and do jensen horizontal.

Let’s not get sidetracked!

go into a gyro flop and bring it back up straight, then dismount, and go to a monty twist from trapeeze

whats a wrist mounted magic drop?