new yoyo trick i made up

befor you read this be sure to watch the under whip wrist mount video.when he says not to hook the string on the yoyo when you whip,do hook it.this is the begining of the trick i made up. step one.go into a trapeeze. step two.pull the yoyo closest to your non-throwhand thumb and pointer.then pinch the string with your non-throwhand thumb and pointer.step three perform an under whip motion.a loop should form over your wrist.if you whip fast and hard enough the loop should whip/hook on the yoyo.this should make a check sure a loop is on your non-throwhand pointer and that the string follows under the yoyo and then over your wrist with your throwhand under your non-throwhand.make sure your arms are,roll the yoyo to the left uncrossing your arms in the,roll to the right around your non-throwhand pointer looks like you two loops on your non-throwhand pointer.

sorry,it made me run out of space to wright more.anyway take your throwhand pointer and put it into the loop farthest away from take that loop with your throwhand pointer still in and take it off your non-throwhand pointer. this should get you into the brother part of a trapeeze and brother.then pop the yoyo up and land in a trapeeze.then dismount and catch. also can you help me name it.thx.yo-bear

Sorry to say this but shouldn’t this be in the Tricks section? Nether the less sounds good. Video soon? :slight_smile:

sorry.thing is i have no video equipment to make a the best i can provide is a detailed discrption.if you have any questions,post them and i’ll answer as soon as i can.