How Do You Do This Trick?

How do you do the trick in 2:06? It looks really neat and I would live to throw it into my prelim routine for BAC

I’ve seen George do it before, but I can’t find the trick anywhere.


Lol replacing bump with help, ill have to do that someday :smiley:

I know how these things go down :wink:


Uhh i dont think anyone knows lol

Why don’t you ask Keiran himself? He’s on the facebook c:

He declined my friend request :’( lol il ask him.

lol i was gunna ask him a question and he denied my request too LOL! Well thats probably because im the annoying one at our yoyo club :stuck_out_tongue:

Is he on forums? Isn’t he DjSplat44? Something like that I think,…

Yea, that’s his youtube as well.

The whip thing he does at the start of the trick looks like sort of a follow/jade whip variation.

Start from a trapeze. Grab the loop with your throwhand so that you can flip the yoyo over onto the back string. Let the slack loop in your throwhand hang loose, and you will be in a mini-trapeze with a slack loop in your throwhand. Dismount the yoyo, but don’t let the string drop from your non-throwhand. Swing the yoyo around your throwhand wrist, and then whip the slack loop in your throwhand into the gap of the yoyo, just like jade whip or iron whip. He also whips the slack in a circle while the yoyo is swinging around his wrist, so it is a bit of a follow motion where the slack follows the yoyo around in a full circle before doing the whip.

That leaves you with a wrap of string around your throwhand wrist. From there, he lets that wrap slide down over his wrist and starts playing around with the slack, which is a bit more complicated to replicate. The whip on it’s own is pretty cool, though, and you can do some interesting stuff just sort of emulating his slack concepts even if you don’t copy them exactly.

can you make a vid? I really can’t follow the steps.

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Dude, I love you. (As a friend)

Glad to help.

What yoyo was that BTW? Also, do you think you could figure out the GT?

I was using an SFX in that video.

Here’s the best I can do with the second half.  It’s not 100% the same as what Keiran does, but I think it’s mostly right and gets the basic idea.  I’m really bad at landing the slack pinwheel part, so I wasn’t able to get any really clear takes of what is going on at the end, but hopefully it helps.

I also included a simpler ending that skips the slack pinwheel.