Follow/Jump-Ropey trick thing

I’ve seen this done in a few combo videos before (I forget where the first one was), but I just found it recently while I was surfing YouTube.  It’s here

And he does it at 1:35 -ish.

Thanks in advance for any help and if you can at least give me a name for the trick so I can begin to look around for it.

it looks like he kinda just starts in trapeze, whips string over, whips yoyo over back onto the string for a second, whips string over,whips yoyo over back onto the string etc

This was the first thing I could think of when I seen that trick.

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YEAHHHHHH!! That’s the ticket! Thank you so much for your assistance! You’ve done me and this forum a GREAT service.

It might also be “wave slack.”

A tutorial of it was put on AJV’s old channel (the deleted one.)

It is indeed wave slack.

Kind of like Follow but the pinching is done with your NTH while the swinging comes from your TH. Also starts from a trapeze instead of a jade whip like motion. Just watch it over and over and practice. It’s a toughie, but I’m sure you’ll get it. good luck!

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can someone make a tutorial for it, aka wave slack