Will some one please find a trick for me?

ok im looking for a trick that is flashy ,that has not that much tech, slack is ok and something a little easier than yukki slack thanks ;D



thanks any others?

This was a trick I found in the forums that might suit you.
Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

I was bored on a Sunday afternoon so I started to freestyle. And I thought of a cool looking trick. Here’s what you do.

1: Land a trapeze. Begin part one of the Yuuki Slack, but do not go on to part 2.

2:This might be a little hard to explain without a video, but just bare with me. In the double or nothing after you do the Yuuki Slack part one, swing the yoyo over your throwhand, but simultaneously letting go of all the string on your nonthrowhand, thus landing you in a trapeze.

3:From there, land in a 1 1/2 mount, and pinch the string that the yoyo is sitting on, and swing it letting go of the string on your nonthrowhand in towards yourself, and then out otherwise known as a Revolutions: do 2 repetitions of this. But you must land in a 1 1/2 mount to proceed.

4:Now, from the 1 1/2 mount swing it off the string into a trapeze, swing it back off on to a reverse trapeze or a trapeze’s brother whatever you call it. Now, just as you would do in a Iron Whip, grab the string that your nonthrowhand is holding and swing it to your left/right (depending on which hand you right with) and catch the string whipping around with your nonthrowhand finger. Otherwise known as a Bro Slack.

5:Dismount however you like. Try it, if you don’t get it, read over what I said a couple of times, you’ll get it.
And by the way, this trick is mainly for advanced players only.
Thnx bye bye.

ok thanks ill try that ;D still other ideas are nice

Revolution and gyro revolutions are good. Eli hops also. If this is for a crowd of nonyoyoers you could do walk the dog and rock the baby. They love those.


This is a pretty basic slack trick/combo I made up.

It’s pretty basic and not to complicated

Sorry about the sound at the start…

A cheese whip is another name for the underwhip wrist mount…

wow good tut thanks for that im gonna learn it fo sho