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So ive gotten to the advanced pt 2 section and i cant seem to get down the slack tricks… And i see that a lot of the tricks from here on are slack and i just cant seem to get it down. Ive been practicing everyday for a week but i dont see any improvement. I cant even do a slack trapeze half of the time, i. Not seeing any improvement. I need help! ???

Slack is definitely a very important element in advanced yoyoing. Slack trapeze hasn’t proven to be a vital technique in my experience, but lacerations, whips, suicides, and yuuki-style slack tricks are all really important things to learn. The number one tip I can give you (though I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times) is to have neutral string tension. Tangly string makes slack tricks next to impossible. The next would be to always move your hands in smooth, arcing motions when you’re whipping slack. This will help to open up the slack and keep it moving fluidly. Finally, don’t rush it. Some things take a while. It took me over two weeks to be able to land a trapeze consistently.

Thanks! I can do the basic laceration and plastic whip, but i cant seem to get the slack tricks like iron whip, slack trapeze, etc. when i whip the string i always seem to miss the yoyo. I also have trouble with grinds, but im workingon it.

Iron whip was a major stumbling block for me. I don’t necessarily recommend it but I pretty much skipped over it and just learned jade whip instead (easier, smoother, and much more practical if you ask me). Although it’s been a while and I didn’t really bother to take much time to learn it (I confess I wasn’t very thorough when I watched these tutorials), I can tell you that slack trapeze isn’t so much about hitting the yoyo with the slack as it is about getting the string under it and then waiting for the right time to drop it.

Ok so i was practicing again and afterwards i was looking through the rest of the tricks that ARENT slack, learned wrist mount along the way :smiley: and rventually got to the master section. I was laughing about how im actually seeing if any of these tricks were doable, watched tutorial for and whut, didnt look TOO difficult, so i started to try to learn it. Now i can do the first and 2nd part of the tutorial except for the pop at the end of the 2nd part and the 3rd part seems doable, so i do believe i can learn this trick, and will continue working on it tomorrow. If i can manage to learn this, im going to be really satisfied witwh myself :smiley: WISH ME LUCK GUYS!

It’s taken me a year and a half to finally do a jade/iron whip. Just learned them last week. I would just work on some combos of your own, and come back to the slack tricks.

Sound advice right here.

thats what i was thinking but i dont feel like i have a vast majority of tricks at my arsenal, and a good amount of my tricks have double or nothing or split bottom mount but i want to go out of that general area and learn something new. It seems lik all that sleft that i can manag eis slack and stuff that build off from that. Do u perhaps have other sites with tutorials of other yoyo tricks?

I’m not bashing the tricks on here. They’re really good basics to get down for basic mounts and tricks, but I feel that finding tricks on YouTube gives you more variety and they are easier to put into a combo.

It’s funny, you mentioned two tricks that have been tricky for me, too: slack trapeze (not hard, just hard to nail every single time you want to) and iron whip (still haven’t done one yet).

As Hendy already mentioned, can’t seem to find much use for Slack Trapeze. After “getting it” first try, I wanted to get it consistent to put it as part of my stack of tricks. But then I could never find any place to put it… so I shelved it.

As with andy569, I went right to Jade Whip instead. So much easier in my opinion. Probably more useful, too, though I wouldn’t know (not having landed Iron Whip yet).

I can’t say I EVER tried just learning in order, partly because I started scouring YouTube and other tutorial sites fairly early on, but partly because I would periodically “look ahead” to forthcoming tricks. If I saw tricks “further on” that I had a feeling I could do, I would just learn them without paying even an ounce of attention to where I was “at” in the list.

(not meaning to imply I’m done with the tutorials here or I’m at all “more advanced”… I’m still very much an intermediate thrower).

Well i look ahead too and thats when i noticed a lot of the trixks from that point on are slack, ill probably just finish learning and whut then find another site to learn more technical stuff as people have recommended :slight_smile:

Slack trapeze, like most of the tricks on this site, just serves as an intro to different concepts. Sure the slack move from the trapeze might not be very useful (I use it in one of my combos) but it helps you understand that in general you can throw slack under your arm. A little experimentation is all it takes and this single move could lead to some interesting mounts/tricks/whatever.

Another example is the And Whut pop. The tutorial on the site uses it from an under mount. This is just an introduction to the concept and it should not be set in your mind that this move is only possible from an under mount. A little experimentation reveals that it’s possible in almost any mount provided you can hop the yoyo over multiple strings. This can often lead to some sweet triangles, or maybe just a knot. Who knows?

The point is that Andre is just providing us with a very basic skill set. Showing us some of the things that are possible to open our minds a little bit. And then throwing us out into the harsh yoyo environment to create our own tricks.


Agreed 100%, Alex. I only meant that if a trick isn’t doing it for you, there’s no reason to force yourself to learn it at that moment. Maybe it’ll be useful to come back to later, though!


I skipped Iron Whip and learned it by accident about 6 months ago. Still can’t learn Superman. That rejection is intense.

I skipped Iron Whip too, it was wayyy too much for me to wrap my head around at the point of yoyoing I was at when I was in the advanced section of this site.

I agree with all what is mentioned above.
I have learned Iron Whip First and took me a long time before i could understand the trick behind the trick… I couldn’t get it fairly well yet. But what helped me to nail it is Jade whip… Jade whip will give you a chance to notice how the string should move and the motion itself when mastered will do the trick for you to give a chance to whip slowly (Really Slowly)… By that i mean like playing a video in slow motion… when you learn it this way it will let you understande the motion to get a wide opening of the string and concentrate on getting it right to hook in the yoyo… (Dont undrestimate the IRON mation) it is what makes the string hook into the yoyo. If you get a good opened string it wont hook without the iron motion.
Second advice watch closely where to grap the string in relation to the yoyo… Tool close will make the loop too wide to control it… too far will not enable you to grab the yoyo with the loop.

Third advice is String tention. adjust every while then and recheck and recheck.

4th advice . Keep watching tutorials especially “Speed yoyo tutorials”.

Now I will address a question to the expert guys… what is the best string to be used for whips and long the way to the master section.

I tried two types

  1. (which appeared to be tough and twist alot. and kinda thick.

  2.{47}50-POLY-COTTON---SLICK-6-YoYoExpert-String (Which again doesn’t seem to be much effective on whip tricks but at first before they get really thin with playing.)

On this i really need advice and i’m pretty sure the string plays a great deal here for its texture and weight and thickness.

My brother, modman10, makes a string called jackrabbits. They whip AMAZINGLY!!! So i recomend those.

I Need something I can buy from the website since I will order it for international shipping.

I use standard YYE poly and I have brutal slacks:

The humility meter’s off the charts with this one.

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