Help with whips!


Hey guys! I’ve been trying to do slack trapeze. Also jade whip and iron whip. I just cant get the whip down. Any tips?

(UmeNagisa) #2

Newer String, Perfect tension.
and pinching.
Best advice i can give!




I second the practice, for basically everything. It’s all well and good to watch and learn how people do it; but theory and execution are two different things in any aspect. You’ll eventually learn how it handles and maneuvers. The best learning tool is failure.


Ok. For slacks, you need proper string tension. Slight jerks of the wrist help slacks.

As for whips, make a strong, tight circling motion with your throwhand.


Ok thanks everyone… Practice…


For whips like Jade and Iron whip, niiiice and slow and gentle. I mean, TOO slow and it won’t go around. But you’ll see what I mean. As soon as I started slowing it down a little, I got way more consistent.


Thanks greg. I haven’t even landed them once though. Ill try slowing.


Is yoyoexpert 100% poly good with whips?


It’s decent with whips, I mean it works no doubt but once it starts getting some tension it gets frustrating, I found YYSL Type X to hold good tension longer… So more whips and slack time it also just feels good.


What about regular kitty?


Try to get Jade Whip down first, then try and do Iron Whip


Regular kitty is average thickness.

My favorite string for whips + slacks has to be Thick Kitty String, or BigYoYo String.


The string you have can really help with learning whips. I used Toxic strings because of their heavier weight and faster ability to whip when I was first learning tricks like jade whip and hidemasa hook.


Interestingly, I found moving to a slower string to be more helpful for tricks like Jade Whip. For Hidemasa Hook and Brent Stole, though, faster is better.


I agree with the practice, generally speaking, but at some point you just have to wonder if there is a serious flaw with your technique that you can’t identify. I can land spirit bombs maybe three out of ten, but I have gone through hours of attempting jade and iron whips without a single success.


Ok thanks rosenberg, ill just skip the whips for now and move on… I think i’m going to learn cold fusion and kwyjibo. Thanks!


Hey guys just wanted to let you know that (with your advice) I got iron whip down. I still don’t get jade whip though. The loop is never wide enough to go around the yoyo. It is long enough, just not “open” enough.


This made me laugh :smiley: Most people find jade whip much easier and many who can do jade whip can’t do iron whip


True fact! My jade whip is a thing of beauty if I do say so myself, whereas my Iron Whip is a new form of ugly.

I am one of those that found Jade Whip FAR easier. :wink:

My tip: as long as you’re using string that’s not super-whippy and fast, go even slower than you think you need to, and aim the part of the loop coming from the pinch between your thumb and forefinger, forgetting that the rest of the loop exists. The slower speed will help open the loop and the aiming will ensure the loop goes into the gap.