help with iron whip

i cant get the string to hit the yoyo pleeze help

You’re just going to have to practice aiming the string. I learned Jade Whip first and the fluency and speed help me get the motion down so learning Iron Whip was nothing for me. Make sure you’re holding the string correctly and kind of aim with the pinched string. Whipping it slowly can also help.

Ya, I can’t seem to get it either. I’ll just keep practacing. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.

well, keep your fist perpandicular to the yoyo, and aim toward the gap with your thumb. This helped alot for me.

I agree. I too, had a lot of trouble with this trick. It helps for me to do it fast, once you pop it off, wait until it reaches maximum height and then whip it real fast. You’ll get it eventually by luck and then as you do it more it turns into skill.

Try jade whip first. That’s what I learned before I could do iron whip. Just practice the whipping motion, it takes time.

Another thing: check your string tension. From my experience, you’ll need a large loop to catch the yo-yo in when you’re learning this trick.

Best thing for learning Iron Whip is dont hop the yoyo out of the trapeze. Common mistake you want to do it with as little movement as possible.

In this video you will see the yoyo isnt really hopped out as much as I am just releasing the string from the gap. This will keep it consistent and the yoyo isnt flying around everywhere. See how the yoyo doesnt really move.

like someone mentioned earlier, try jade whip first, you will get the practice of the motion and its much easier to learn, not to mention much easier to add into a combo in my opinion

aim with ur index and thumb finger and whip