iron whip

hey guys im hving trouble with iron whip i cant whip the string in to the gap without
making the yoyo swing from side to side :frowning: ??? help

it just takes tons of practice! try to guide the string into the gap, and dont overdo the motion. keep it steady and smooth

just practice the wrist whipping motion, hereโ€™s an example, try going to the mount first then hold the yoyo with your non throw hand (just hold it, it doesnt need to spin) then pinch the string to make a slack, after that get the slack and practice the whipping motion until you get it.

Once practiced, try doing it with a real spinning yoyo, and try aiming at its gap (always remember to pinch the string)

Just dont forget to have fun while playing :slight_smile:


Imho, you should learn Jade Whip first.
You get a smoother motion and it felt easier for me to learn. After i learnt this, i could do iron whip. Learn it first, you might think its easier!

u were right rsmod jade whip was a ton easier than iron whip thanx

Its mostly in the wrist and how you move it. Have good string tention too.