Iron Whip & Jade Whip

I need a little help on this. I think I have the concept down, but I don’t think I’m whipping the whip onto the yoyo the right way. When it whips on, I think i whip it on wrong because when I let go a knot forms internally in the yoyo, then I have to get a paperclip, take it out, yada yada. Any tips or suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

First, it’s yada yada not the repeated name of a little green guy in a sci fi movie. Anyways, there are 3 differant things that usually happen in iron and jade whip. You can miss entirly, hit it on the right string, or hit it on the left string. If you just get into the Iron whip mount, you’ll see there are three differant strings (2 on TH side and 1 in front). The one in the front is the one that comes around and whips back on to the yoyo. What I did was after getting into the mount, grab the string that will whip around and pull it off the yoyo. Keep holding onto it and bring it around you wrist (which should rotate with it) and hook it back on the the string that was in front is in front again. The other side of the string should go past the yoyo (on the side of the yoyo facing away from you) and slide into the gap. Your back to where you started thus alowing you to do this over and over. The same way for jade whip. My guess is that your hitting the yoyo with the string on the right string but the string on the left is going on the side of the yoyo facing toward you instead of away from you. To prevent this I’d try holding the string with a fist facing perpandicular to the gap of the yoyo while whipping. Also try the practice technique in this video. If you do get into the knot again just take apart the yoyo, take the string off, and then put it back on. One more not before i close this overly long post (i feel obliged to help you because I too was caused pain in learning iron whip) if not whipping the yoyo right is your problem i’d learn iron whip first.

Well, the thing is, I tried learning Iron Whip first and I couldn’t do it, so I also heard that learning Jade Whip is a little easier for some people, which it is for me. When I try to do Iron whip I can literally do nothing and I always mess up in whipping it. Jade Whip I’ve gotten A LOT closer to completing. Sometimes I do Jade Whip correctly but It’s usually by luck. Probably get it right 1 out of 30 times. Anyway, do you have any tips for getting accuracy so that the whip gets into the yoyo? Most of the time I miss.

Even if your not practicing iron whip you can still practice the trick in the video. Plus all the tips still apply. Keep that fist lateral! You don’t need to but it helps. Anyways facts are fact. It took me DAYS to learn iron whip. So just keep painfully practicing. I’d reccomend working on another trick to so you don’t get so bored.

Watch the video and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE 8) You’ll get it eventually

Iron Whip is what frustrates me the most. Every time I pop it out and try to whip it, I look stupid. I do some really sad attempt at trying to whip it on and yet the slack itself probably doesn’t even move.

I learned jade whip long before I learned iron whip. I think it is much easier. Iron whip became easier when I started using a different string but you should be able to get it on whatever you’re using.
You want to land the string that is closest to you while you are whiping, on the outside of the yoyo. That way the other loop travels on the outside of the yoyo and around onto the bearing. Try to exaggerate your movements. You may want to learn the one handed jade whip to get the movement down better.

Well if the slack isn’t moveing all your probably doing is rotating your wrist. You need to move your wrist in a circle.

jade whip is easier than iron whip get this motion down at 0:40

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