Jade Whip.

Anybody have any tips? I can kind of do it and i’ve been practicing but i want to do it better.

i love jade whips but idk how to explain it better than the vid

expt catch the string with your palm up
then turn it so the whip gets more
of well… a whipping motion

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I like to turn my wrist a little so that the second string catches easier instead of the first string stopping the whip.

Well, did you learn Iron Whip yet?

i cant do iron whip

but i can do the jade whips all day

Try using your pointer finger to guide the string onto the yoyo. That helped me with both iron and jade!!! :smiley:


Same. Jade is easy for me but for some reason I just can’t get iron whip…

i know its difficult
but we will all get there! there is hope

live long and prosper

and other junk like that

to the guy who starded this

still need help with the J-Whips?

Repetition. Do it over and over again. sooner or later, it’s just going to hit you.