Need help with iron whip!!!

Usually im pretty good at whips, but for some reason i cant get down the wrist motion to whip it down to save my life! any extra help/pointers you could give me?

Hmm, this seems like it would be hard to explain via message, but I’ll give it a try.
So when you pop it out the back, have your palm facing up even though you are making a fist.
And you should bring your whole hand around in a counterclockwise revolution (clockwise if you’re a southpaw) and at the same time just flip your hand so that your palm is facing down (slowly).
Practice these motions separately before combining them. Also, when you pop the yo-yo out the back of the formation, slide your throwhand down toward the yo-yo before grabbing it so that you have a bigger slack which makes it easier to whip into the gap. Also, if you haven’t learned Jade Whip you should, because it will make Iron Whip ten times easier.

Let me know if this helps!

Im slowly getting it, thank you!

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Try Jade Whip first. Same motion, just a different way to get into the slack part.

Even though I learned Jade Whip first, I still had a hard time with the Iron Whip. HAHAHA. You can go ahead though and learn Jade Whip first for the motion’s sake. Like OSCer2 said, it’s kinda hard to type out. He did a pretty good job of explaining it, though.

I noticed that if my throwhand follows the yoyo as it pops out and then whips it, it lands more often. The first few times I tried doing the Iron Whip, the yoyo would shoot back down on top of my throwhand after popping it out cuz’ my throwhand was stationary. HAHAHA. So yeah, that’s what worked for me. Might help you out.

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Whip it…whip it good!

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh crack that whip!

I realize that I am not contributing…but someone was bound to do that eventually and I figure why not me? :smiley: good luck learning iron whip. The tips above should help and also watch Andre’s tutorial a few more times and Rethink yoyo has the tutorial as well if I’m not mistaken. You’ll get it :slight_smile: