Iron Whip

I can’t do the Iron Whip. I can’t do it smoothly like the pros. After I land the Trapeze, And do the Iron Whip, I can’t get the yo-yo to hit the right string. It hits the string which it isn’t suppose to. Any tips to get it to hit the right string, and do it smoothly?

When you swing it out and about, try turning your throwhand so that your fingers are parallel to the gap of the yoyo. The string pinched between your pointer and thumb, aim that into the gap.

The first part mainly makes the string you don’t want to land wil be out of the way of the yoyo.
The second tip is for aiming the string into the gap since the “unwanted” string is out of the way.

But really, just practice. It takes time and experiments to make a trick like this happen smoothly and continously.

Once you can do Iron whip here is a lovley verision of it - it is such a nice trick - ;D

Try learning Jade whip first. That’s what helped me get it…

as rediculous as this may sound (excuse my spelling) you may want to try doing them faster.Idk why, but for me when i was learning them, i couldnt get them either, but i tried doing it much faster, and i can land it every also helps with all whips for me too.ß