Help with Iron Whip

I know how to do it, and I’ve done it right before, but almost every time I land it the string whips the yoyo backwards so its crossed.

i had that problem. what i do is when i pull the string off the yoyo, i whip the string to my right (im right handed) then whip the yoyo all in one fluid motion. Almost doing a figure 8. aim with your thumb and finger. also might try jade whip, its basically the same motion so it will help

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i also have trobles with iron whip

Refer above. or is it a different problem?

You might be catching the yoyo with the wrong part of the string. When you grab the strings with your throwhand, you end up with this loop that you whip around, right? You have one part of the loop coming down by your thumb (we’ll call this part A) and the other part of the loop coming down by your pinky (we’ll call this part B). When you catch the yoyo, if you hit it with part A, you’re good. If you hit it with part B, you’re strings will be crossed.

I find there is a sweet spot on the string, where if I grab too close to the yoyo I often kill it, and too far away I either miss or can’t control the strings… See if you can find your sweet spot