Help with Iron Whip

So Ive watched the tutorals a few time and I practiced for a few days now and I still can’t make the least bit of progress learning this. When I pull it off and try to flick it either the yoyo itself goes spinning, or the loop I’m holding doesn’t loop around, or it tangles around the string going to the axle. Even with no string tension I can’t get it to work. Please help.

I’ll assume you’re just having problems with the whipping motion and getting the string back around the yo.

Pop the yo out and just let it hang. Look at your string if you have a nice open loop of slack your string tension is good. If the loop is closed you need to adjust the string tension.

Now at medium speed whip the string over and watch the movement of the loop. Get the motion smooth and fluid, keeping the loop open. Don’t worry about it going around the yo yet.

When you have the whipping motion down then just get set up again for iron whip. Instead of popping the yo out of the loop, adjust the string so there is more slack than you need and the yo is hanging higher than the bottom of the slack. Practice the whipping motion aiming at the gap of the yo. It will go around the yo but not rest in the bottom of the slack. If you miss you will just repeat as the yo will be higher than the bottom of the slack.

Do it for real.

Hmmmm…I don’t know how well I explained that. I hope that helps.

Of course keep practicing and good luck!

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It does and yes I do have problems with that. Also even when my string tension isnt bad it still loops and twists up and when I try whipping when Im not holding the string with my other hand I can’t even come close to the yoyo, it gets pulled up or the loop hits weird. idk what to do

Try adjusting the string tension a bit more. It is possible to adjust it to far one way or the other. Let the yo just hang and see which way it spins. If it winds the string you have gone to far and if the string unwinds you haven’t went far enough.

Try this:

As you get ready to whip turn your hand so the index finger side of your throw hand aims at the gap, with the palm facing the yo.

Also if you are getting to frustrated it’s time to move on to something else or go back to something fun. You need to decide. Often times when I find my self having a great deal of difficulities with a trick, I just go back and get better at what I can do, maybe try another trick with a similar element and then return to the trick that was giving me problems. It helps.

Good luck!