String just won't Whip -- IRON WHIP TRICK

I have checked the string tension a lot when learning Iron Whip, and even switched out the string once, but my string just won’t whip for Iron Whip. I have a friend who bought a Velocity and that string whipped. Any tips that can help me out here? I really hope it isn’t the string, I don’t have time to order new string in time to finish my yoyo project xD

… As soon as this was posted I worked on it some more. Checked the string tension, stuff like that, then got it on my first try. Maybe it’s all in the wrist? ._.

Thanks anyways to anyone that wanted to help out, I’ll work on it some more. ?? :-[

Yup, all in the wrist. A lot of yoyo tricks are 100% about feel, and you can’t really teach that. Especially over the internet. Just keep at it and things will start working out, as it seems you’ve already noticed!

Definitely pick up a couple hundred polyester strings and some thin lube when you get the chance. Yoyos are easier to play when they’re working as they should.

I might be looking into some new string, because perhaps that was being lucky yesterday. The string, no matter how I try to adjust the string tension, keeps messing up. I swear it isn’t my wrist. Even when the string looks like it has no tension when the yoyo is dead when I get the loop pinched with my thumb and pointer finger it swirls around >:( >:( >:( >:(