jade whip help

i cant seem to get the loop on to my yoyo any tips?

Practice. You can catch the loop first before whipping, to get the feel of it.

Make sure you pop the yoyo high. If you popit high and make a good clean whipping motion straightforward, you will be able to land it easier. Also, make sure your string tension is good, you may want to try some Perfect Fir String, which will be available soon. Its my favorite string, and the 40% Nylon 60% Polyester blend is good for slacks and whips.


Make sure you have the right string tension when you do it, and make sure the yoyo is close enough to your hand to get the loop threaded on the yoyo. Hope this’ll help :slight_smile:

Dude, I know you’re trying to help, but please check the date of the last post before posting. If the last post was like 2 weeks ago or even a few months ago, don’t post on it. It brings confusion to the people, and the question might have already been solved.