Whip help

When I try to iron whip the string crosses? Any tips?

Skip it and learn Jade Whip. The momentum keeps the string from crossing. Later on, the Iron Whip will come more naturally, although I’m still not that great at it. It’s much easier to fit Jade Whip into a combination anyhow.

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Pretty much this. Iron whip far less useful than the jade whip motion.

I agree with GregP here and with kclejeune as well. Good advice.

Yeah, like others said, try Jade Whip first. It just feels more flowing.

Make sure when the string comes to whip onto the yoyo, the part of the string that hits is the one held between your index and thumb. Hitting with the pinky side will result crossed strings!

I’m also learning Jade Whip currently and I’ve come to the same problem: sometimes my strings are crossed like I would bind it.

Also, how can I make sure I get the string between my thumb and index finger when I whip? I always get it between my ring and middle finger which makes it harder to land.

I would actually have to work hard to do this. How are you accomplishing that? :wink:

As it comes under your throw hand your palm should be up. You grab the loop with your whole hand… the string is laying across all four fingers but you pinch only with the forefinger and thumb. Help guide the loop the rest of the way around and guide it into the gap with that forefinger and thumb.

It’s hard to do it wrong once you lock in that motion. With bad string tension it CAN twist, though.

Getting it in “bind” position is a matter of overshooting the yoyo and then the loop comes back into the gap. Once you’re guiding the string in with your forefinger and thumb, you won’t overshoot the gap very often.

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Okay so I tried closing my hand a little bit slower than I used to do and now I already get the string around my whole hand instead of only around 2 fingers, which is already great :smiley:

Guess I have to work on the motion now to get my whip fluent :slight_smile:

Yup, it’s just practice now. Don’t hold TOOoooo close to the yoyo. The loop should be longer than the segment that leads from pinch to yoyo, but 33% longer or less is all you really need. If that segment is too short, you just end up moving the yoyo itself too much as your hand turns over.

I always had my string longer than my loop, so I had to bounce up the yoyo a little to get into the loop. :smiley:

Hope this helps, thanks :slight_smile:

If you are catching it in a bind sort of formation, that means you are whipping the string onto the inside half of the yo-yo. When you are about to catch the string on the yo-yo, have you hand (in a fist, obviously) but pointing to your left (for righties and right for southpaws). It should look like if you were holding a pencil it would be touching your chest. This will help direct the string onto the outside half of the yo-yo. One more thing, when you first pop the yo-yo off the string, bring your throwhand down a lot closer to the yo-yo. This will make the loop bigger and it should be easier to catch on the yo-yo. Let me know if this helped any!