Iron Whip


Uhm… so far i had familiar with the whipping motion but most of the time i whip it the strings sometime won’t caught and when i put it back to the trapeze , instead of normal trapeze is turn into cross-arm trapeze . Can you guys help me out with a little tips and does the whipping motion of this tricks is neccesary for Jade Whip since i figure out that i’m pretty good with whipping tricks


If you whip the string on the front side of the yoyo it will be a normal side mount, if you whip on the back it will be a cross armed side mount.

Jade whip and iron whip have the same motion, some people learn jade whip first.


i just did a front side whip and it does turn into a normal mount , thanks buddy ^^


I was having the same problem. Sometimes it was landing the right way, other times, it was going cross-armed. Took me forever to put two and two together XD



the strings sometime landed in between, do you guysk know how to avoid that ?

(Cinimod105) #6

Ensure that the string tension is well-adjusted, and that you perform the motion smoothly, to allow a wide loop to form, preventing them from both landing in the gap.


I learned jade whip first. couldn’t do iron whip. now i can do both.


Whipping tricks are hard don’t they , but i have a somekind of a gift that i can learn and do a tricks very fast like from 1day to a week . after a months i mastered all the basic and intermidiate tricks :), now i just have to train myself to master degree and doing tricks smoothly